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Keyauwee Trail

Bike Trip #103

Discover the Uwharries!!
With the Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide

Did you know there is a region of rivers, lakes and mountains located right in the heart of North Carolina's Piedmont?

Did you know there are over 133 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails on public land in this region?

Did you realize all of this is within easy daytrip reach if you live in Charlotte, the Triad, or the Triangle areas?

Did you know there is a guidebook available to help you discover these little known wilderness treasures?

Now you do! I've written this guide to the hiking and mountain biking trails in the Uwharrie Lakes Region so that you too can discover this beautiful area!

  • Trail coverage for Morrow Mountain State Park, the Birkhead Mountains Wilderness, and the Uwharrie National Forest.
  • Trip coverage is a unique feature of this guide; I've combined data from multiple trails to match real-life trip routes.
  • Includes maps; mileages; elevation data and profile graphs for every trail and trip. You'll also find descriptive text and history about each trail.
  • Quick reference tables to make picking the right trail or trip easy!

Many are touting this region as "North Carolina's Central Park". A convenient place where people can go to enjoy nature and outdoor recreation.

I've put together maps and mileage/elevation information for over 44 suggested trips that use parts of different trails. You don't have to piece together data from several pages to find out if a multiple-trail route would be right for you. Of course, there are still numerous possibilities available for you to customize your own trips in this trail-rich area.

In the back of the guide you'll find Quick Reference Charts that present summary information for all of the trails and trips. It's a convenient way to find the trail or trip that's right for you.

You'll also find information about camping facilities, nearby places to eat, and other outdoor recreation opportunities in the area.

Check out the samples of the maps and elevation profiles so you can see what they look like. has also posted 17 sample pages and the covers from my book on their website, but they missed the good stuff -map pages and trail details. It's still a neat sneak peek.

Best wishes and happy trails to you!!
Don Childrey

Uwharrie Lakes Region Trail Guide

  • Paperback, 6"x9" format.
  • 302 pages.
  • 185 maps and graphs.
  • Published in 1998 by Earthbound Sports, Inc.

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